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OEC is a vibrant network of innovative educators passionate about advancing Open Education. We are serving the needs of enthusiastic, dedicated teachers, trainers, students and other professionals in education with a sharing mindset and an international orientation.

Why do we come together?

As witnessed in practice by our founding members, courses developed within European, national and regional frameworks sometimes do not reach their full potential, in terms of reach, impact and legacy. 

We support schools, universities and other training institutes with co-development and implementation of open education materials, quality assurance, business models, certification and (official) recognition in National and European Qualifications Frameworks and ECVET validation.

Individual teachers and schools are often not optimally equipped to unlock the full potential of their work beyond their own organisations and daily operations. Especially after (external) funding ends.

As a project partner, we ensure innovative courses and practices do not end up on the shelf, but instead become widely used and get officially implemented in a sustainable way across Europe and beyond.

The added value of involving the Open Education Community foundation in your projects:

  • Partner search among our dedicated members

  • Free assessment of your project proposal

  • Direct involvement of interested associate partners in your project

  • Accredited curricula & course methodologies to safeguard outcome quality

  • 15 years course development experience and expertise

  • Ample peer review possibilities during material development and testing

  • Support with ECVET and NQF recognition

  • Support with Erasmus+ accreditation

  • Wide impact & implementation of your Open Educational Resouces across Europe

  • The true legacy of your efforts

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