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Inclusive and Innovative Pedagogies for Educators aims to close the gap between policy and practice. We firmly believe that “the quality of an educational system depends upon the quality of its teachers and so educators are at the heart of our work.


Most educators are aware of diversity. What they find most difficult is knowing how to change theirteaching practices and being motivated to leave their comfort zone.


It is easy forteachers of all agesand backgrounds to feel lost in the sea of new conceptssuch asblended learning, experiential learning, student centered pedagogy and computational thinking. Inresponse, our approach is to:

  • Focus clearly on a single, substantial issue: innovative pedagogies to improve inclusion andlearning outcomes

  • Create learning resources thatexcel in clarity, practical application and which exemplify thecreative and engaging techniques

On completion, INACT will make it possible for vocational education teachers and trainers to access training on inclusive and innovative pedagogic strategies which will help them create differentiated and creative learning spaces for their students.


The long-term results will be improved learning outcomes for students from all backgrounds and moreinnovative, forward-looking European educational institutions who are better equipped to address andrespond to diversity and disadvantage.


But INACT has wider European implications too. Diversity and disadvantage are both increasingly important on the international agenda and the EU’s commitment to inclusion in education is a vitalpart of social inclusion in society and the economy in general. INACT translates policy into action and tackles the subject head on at grass roots level. By empowering and upskilling thousands of innovative teachers, INACT has tangible impact on policy goals via innovations in pedagogic strategies and achieves key milestones towards the European Digital Education Action Plan.

Visit our project website and start using our openly available resources right away:

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