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This is what is keeping us busy...

Open Education Community takes part in some exciting projects! All of our projects are aimed to develop innovative learning materials for direct implementation by teachers, trainers, students and other learners.

Key words for us are a multidisciplinary approach, an engaging way of teaching and training and promoting student initiative.

Here are some of our projects and learning resources currently under development!



Aimed at improving the ability of CAM children between the ages of 8 and 13 to use the Internet and social media, through the development of their social and emotional learning (SEL) and their social inclusion. 

Logo BioComp DEF.png


We have built a Competence Navigator and developed directly related learning materials for students and professionals keen to have a career in bio-based economy jobs. Get to know where you can upgrade yourself right away and get started on improving your green skills, competences and knowledge.

Logo-Culture full colour- V2.png

Culture United

We bring together primary education with local cultural (heritage) events and festivals and have teachers develop engaging and multidisciplinary lessons related to these events and make them part of their curriculum.

Cook it Forward Logo.jpg

Cook it Forward

Cook It Forward is a method to inspire cooking school students and their teachers to approach their profession from a culinary heritage perspective, working together with the workfield directly.


Smart Hands

Smart Hands is developing lesson plans for secondary schools which involve working with both your Hands and Head. The student who is inventive, knows about the material, is skilled, is focused and has a team spirit, has the future.



We have completed INACT! Why did we start it you might ask? To increase the knowledge and skills of educators to create more inclusive, innovative and engaging learning experiences for all students. Check it out!



Prototype is aimed at preventing bullying in either: from student to teacher, teacher to student or among students. It is most desirable that both students and teachers have a satisfying, safe and sense of belonging at our schools.


Full Steam Ahead

In the 21st century STEAM has a big presence in daily and professional lives of humans, and there is a high chance that you are already doing more on STEAM education than you might think. To make the next step into the world of STEAM, our toolkit gets you directly underway to turn your classroom into a Makerspace!

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