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Today's minors surf the internet and access social media daily, both to communicate with friends and family, and to watch videos and/or visit and monitor their social profile. This makes them easy victims of cyberbullying phenomena, often ignored and/or underestimated by parents, teachers and educators. In Europe - according to Unicef data - the children most vulnerable to cyberbullying are CAM - i.e. Children Affected by Migration, refugees, asylum seekers or economic or social migrants, who suffer from their personal history and their reduced social and emotional well-being.

In the light of these data and on the basis of the results achieved by the implementation of the ICAM project, the project partners decided to implement the BeCSR project, aimed at improving the ability of CAM children between the ages of 8 and 13 to use the Internet and social media, through the development of their social and emotional learning (SEL) and their social inclusion.

The project aims have a focus on creating the school and home environment and processes for increasing social and emotional learning (SEL) so that children know and understand better how to make responsible decisions about their behaviour. This can apply equally as well to safe behaviour on the internet as to their learning behaviour in harmony with others in the world around them.

Outcomes & Results

Visit our online platform with results you can directly apply in the class room. Have a go at our interactive serious game with your pupils!

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