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In the 21st century STEAM has a big presence in daily and professional lives of humans, and thereis a high chance that you are already doing more on STEAM education than you might think. Tomake the next step into the world of STEAM, our toolkit gets you directly underway to turn yourclassroom into a Makerspace! It does not only provide you with the latest insights on the matter,but also includes examples and practical templates & tools for you to quickly take action andachieve concrete results.

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Despite the huge advances in technology, not much has changed when it comes to how we view learning and how we design learning environments.


The transmission model of education is still the name of the game, although in some circles thereare signs of its erosion. It is time to change the direction of teaching/learning by for once and for all turning it around and allowing it to originate from the pupil.

Imagine a classroom where pupils are the ones driving the learning and are empowered to pursue things that matter to them.


To let them employ multiple modalities as they are accessing human and digital resources to drive their own learning. The aims of the Full Steam Ahead project are to change the way classroom management, the curriculum and the pupil’s behaviors are developed by introducing STEAM subjects.


This new strategy in the classroom works by integrating real life situations into curriculum, increasing theresults of students in subjects beyond the knowledge of the disciplines, but also soft skills and positive behaviors facing collaborative work, work routines, new challenges, unpredictability, failure in work, and others.

We have delivered 5 exciting resources for you to set up an own makerspace at your school. Download them via and get started right away!


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