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Today, global community faces enormous challenges:How to deal with climate change, food security, food production for agrowing population and theend of the oil reserves?




For prosperity and wellbeing for 9 billion people in 2050, another way of production of food, feed, materials and energy is needed. A circular society can offer solutions. It will create regional economicgrowth and employment. It gives new chances for farmers, to develop their farms bio-based and in a circular way.

BioComp aims to describe and prioritize specific skills/competences in the Biobased economy (BBE), additional to the existing ESCO skills description and to develop an on-line tool based on Learning Scenarios to create personalized training programs for workers in the circular economy.

Start with our BBE Competence Navigator to do a self assessment, followup with Learning Scenarios fitting your needs, or have a look at Best Practices from across Europe via

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