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Our project is built on cultural events and heritage festivals as a driver to embed multidisciplinaryways of teaching in primary schools. The context behind our project initiative is to appeal to theinterests and natural enthusiasm of children and to use this effectively in an interactive and engagingway to learn.

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Multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary learning is a "whole" or "comprehensive" method that covers anidea, topic, or text by integrating multiple knowledge domains. It is a very powerful method ofteaching that crosses the boundaries of a discipline or curriculum in order to enhance the scope anddepth of learning.


How does this relate to our plans? Synergy is the primary force behind multidisciplinary orinterdisciplinary learning. Imagine being able to teach character development, basic math, and basicscience concepts via a classic text. How about basic geography, writing skills, and point of view fromthe same materials?

Is it possible to also teach about comprehension, sequence, literal vs. non-literal, imagination, plot, theme, compare and contrast, opinion pieces, vocabulary, friendship, bullying, and critical thinking?The answer is yes, and the genre is legends, myths, and fables.


All found in regional culture & heritage. This is best experienced by having pupils and their teachers take part in exciting interactivecultural events, and by working inspired by these events & themes in a multidisciplinary way atschool in the weeks/months before and after partaking in the event.

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