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Smart Hands Toolkit for School Leaders

Imagine a classroom where pupils are inspired, staff are supportive, and where pupils care about one another and are working together to solve challenging problems from multiple angles, using their various talents. That’s the SMART HANDSHEAD-HEART approach in action.

Our SmartHands guide for school leaders supports school leaders to facilitate to implement (our) multidisciplinary lesson plans, working together with colleagues and with the work field, and it features experiences from school leaders and teachers across Europe in doing so!

Our HANDS-HEAD-HEART approach plays an important role in classroom climate—for example, how teachers approach pupils and work together with colleagues. Another critical element is the interaction of school leaders, teachers and pupils with parents and world of-work stakeholders. This includes parent-teacher interactions, service-learning opportunities, and partnerships with organizations in the local community..

Like to learn more about Smart Hands and the various resources we have available for you? Visit and download them freely.

Download PDF • 3.38MB

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