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Smart Hands Teacher Guide ready for use!

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

We are happy to share with you the Teacher Guide we have developed together with our partners!

Our Smart Hands Teacher Guide supports teachers implementing (our) multidisciplinary lesson plans, working together with colleagues and with the work field, and it features experiences from teachers across Europe in doing so!

Our Guide takes you on board the concept of Teacher Leadership: the process by which teachers, based on expertise and affinity, influence colleagues, school leaders and other actors inside and outside the school. This Teacher Guide concerns the teacher’s role in relation to our Smart Hands approach. You as a teacher are in a key position between school management, the pupil, parents and the world of work. It also features the instructions to our Smart Hands Start Kit: a handy deck of cards we have created to quickly develop your own STEAMy lessons covering various school subjects.

Like to learn more about Smart Hands and the various resources we have available for you? Visit and download them freely.

Download PDF • 16.83MB

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