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Final Smart Hands Lesson Plan Portfolio available

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Like to run multidisciplinary assignments at your secondary school? We now have a varied portfolio available of Smart Hands assignments, ready to be used inside and outside the classroom.

Our Smart Hands Lesson Plan Portfolio is a digital publication that encourages cross subject cooperation between teachers in secondary schools and engage pupils in multidisciplinary assignments. In this document you will find readymade assignments for you as a teacher to adopt right away. Also you will read about experiences of other teachers, work field professionals and the pupils themselves implementing the Smart Hands way of organising education in daily practice.

This Portfolio of Lesson Plans provides secondary school teachers concrete assignments to successfully combine HEAD and HANDS subjects in school. Teachers benefit from widely tested materials developed by their peers from across Europe to enrich and improve their courses.

Like to learn more about Smart Hands and the various resources we have available for you? Visit and download them freely.

Download PDF • 7.78MB

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