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Smart Hands event | Dec. 6 | Brussels

Come and learn about creativity and cirular craftmanship in education!

Are you a teacher and do you want to learn about creative ways to work more

interdisciplinary? Or maybe you are an artist, craftsman or cultural organisation and you

want to work (closer) together with schools? Come join us and dig into the free learning

materials and toolkits we prepared for you.

In the Smart Hands Erasmus+ project we developed cross subject lesson material for secondary schools to combine 'head' and 'hands' subjects in a multidisciplinairy way. We want to ensure that young people have the power, knowledge and competences to become creative, inventive, social thinkers, co-operators, problem solvers, and makers all together. We will present our experiences and our practical tools that teachers and school leaders can use right away, including the Smart Hands Kit. Develop cross subject lessons with colleagues in an instant! Registration for the event via: THIS LINK

Venue: Muntpunt Start Time: 14.45h

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